milled asphalt surfaces


Detail milling of most asphalt surfaces-Milling Cleanup Services of Florida offers 16 years of experience.  We come to your job site with the right equipment & manpower to perform a time-sensitive project.  Looking for professional detail milling around manholes and curb lines, employees who understand your specific project and leave a tidy job site at the end of the day then you need Milling Cleanup Services of Florida.   Our customers appreciate the professionalism we have with the other business associates performing on their projects enabling it to operate smoother.

“PRODUCTIVITY IN MOTION” is not just a logo – we understand time is money in the paving industry.   In preparation of paving your project we bring skid steers equipped with bucket & mill head attachments to provide a smooth transition on the manholes and/or curbs, John Deere tractors equipped with front mounted broom systems in order to get closer to the various curb types encountered and mechanical sweepers to add the final touch to the milled asphalt surface.



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